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Glass Door Handle

Glass door handles are the handles, which are used to close or open the door, effectively. These are apt to be used for the residential as well as commercial buildings. The handles are of safe, simple and appropriate use.

Floor Springs

Floor springs we deal in are made to withstand heavy loads of door. The springs have been made to bear the extreme temperatures. Supplied springs are resistant to rust and allow for safe utility in different applications.

We are offering Door Closures, which are the top-quality hardware items, which can be easily adjusted for the latching and closing process. These have been machined and extruded well to the extreme accuracy.

Drop Down Seal

Drop down seals we deal in are the crucial component of all fire protection systems. These have a vital role in preventing the range of smoke and flames in the occurrence of fir.

Aluminium Skirting Profiles

The Aluminium Skirting Profiles we deal in can fulfill all clients requirements, on the terms of thickness and dimension. These have been anodized, brushed and polished for added strength and advanced appearance.

Patch Fittings

Patch fittings are made to be used on several types of glass doors, to accommodate several types of hardware locks, pivots, closers, etc. These allow for a flush smooth surface and are simple to install and fix.

Shower Hinges

Shower door hinges are the special type of hardware, which are made to provide support to showers door. The hinges enable a smooth and simple operation. These run into your budget and aesthetics.

Glass Connectors

Glass connectors we deal in are used to add multiple glasses within one straight system. They are provided to patrons in different shapes, including rectangle, round, and others. The connectors are easier and quicker to install. The connectors are of clean as well as modern look.

Shower Door Handles

The shower door handles are attached to the shower door, enabling a simple opening and closing. We offer the handles in various styles and designs. They are effortless in use and allow for simple maintenance.

Panic Exit Device

Panic Exit devices have been made provide fast and easy entrance for the building occupants. The devices enable them to exit safely in the emergency conditions. Door opening mechanism of the said device is quite simple and effective.

Sliding Glass Door Fitting
Sliding Glass Door Fittings make it easier to enter the rooms. The sliding mechanism of the sliding doors is effortless and efficient because of these fittings. Supplied fixtures are extremely durable and simple to install.